Taryn Michel

Aanii, Boojoo, Hello,

I would like to introduce myself. My spirit name is GINEW KWE (Golden Eagle Woman), and my English name is Taryn. I am from the Martin clan. My First Nations is Michipicoten located on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior. I am a recent graduate from Uottawa Law school holding a Juris Doctor with an Indigenous Specialization. I currently work as a full time Lecturer at
Laurentian university in the Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work.

I was given traits from my spirit name and my spirit; the Golden Eagle can fly higher than the bald Eagle and its vision is more powerful and can see further. I honour my spirit with my advocacy skills.

I am passionate about many Indigenous issues but most importantly the over representation of Indigenous youth who are incarcerated, who are Crown wards, and who age out of care and become homeless. Youth are OUR future and our future LEADERS.

I see it as my responsibility to share this knowledge about our Indigenous youth; not only to our community but more importantly to the non-native community, settlers, and allies. I have made this my personal endeavour and will continue to advocate for Indigenous youth, for Indigenous Peoples, the revitalization of Indigenous laws & share my knowledge.


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