Civil Litigation 2023

Civil Litigation 2023


Substantive hours: 1.75 hours | Professionalism hours: .25 hours | EDI hours: .5 hours

Chaired by: Lisa Belcourt and Jessica Bryce

Being Trauma-Informed in Litigation
Shannon Goffin, Laurentian University

Anatomy of Real Estate Litigation and Implications of the Breen Decision
Peter Reinitzer, Will Davidson LLP

Anatomy of a Commercial Litigation File
Marc Huneault, Weaver Simmons LLP

The Role of Experts in Assessing Economic Losses
Marc Huneault , Weaver Simmons LLP
Peter Reinitzer, Will Davidson LLP
Ian L. Fitzpatrick, Freelandt Caldwell Reilly LLP
Eric Tworo, Appraisals North Realty Inc.

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