Substantive hours: 1.5 hours Professionalism hours: 1.0 hour

Chaired by: Patrick Poupore, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers

Brian DeLorenzi, ONeill DeLorenzi Nanne

Best Writers, Best Lawyers

Ronald Davis, Fogler Rubinoff LLP

Advocacy in Preparing for Trial: Arguing Your Case Before It Begins

Peter Denton, Wallbridge Wallbridge LLP

Civil AppealsWhere Do I Begin?

Brooke MacKenzie, St. Lawrence Barristers LLP

Effective Use of Expert Witnesses

Craig Wilkenson, PEng., Director and Senior Engineer at MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists

ObjectionsWhen and How to Make Them

The Honourable Mr. Justice Leonard Kim, Ontario Court of Justice

Michael Venturi, Weaver Simmons LLP

Judges PanelFireside Chat (Ask Me Anything)

The Honourable Mr. Justice Gregory Ellies, RSJ, Superior Court of Justice

The Honourable Madam Justice Lucille Shaw, Superior Court of Justice

The Honourable Mr. Justice Varpio, Superior Court of Justice

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