Sponsored by 30 Forensic Engineering

Substantive hours: 1.25 hours

Professionalism hours: 1.25 hours

EDI hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Lisa Belcourt, FDT Law


Advocacy and Working with (or against) Vulnerable Parties

Grace Alcaide Janicas, Crown Attorney

Graham Jenner, VanBridger Jenner LLP

Graham Webb, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly

Jael Marques de Souza, Public Guardian and Trustee

Justice Lucille Shaw, Superior Court of Justice

Justice Robert Del Frate, Superior Court of Justice

Laura Mullin, McKellar Structured Settlements

Naomi Sayers


Business Law

Sponsored by Colloquium and MLA Law

Substantive hours: 1 hours

Professionalism hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Sheena Alexander, MLA Law


Cannabis in Canada and Ontario in 2018 and Beyond

Ranjeev Dhillon, Bennett Jones LLP

Funding Start-Ups

Patrick Lehoux. Feather Company Ltd.

State of Innovation in Northern Ontario

Don Duval. Norcat



Civil Litigation

Sponsored by McKellar Structured Settlements

Substantive hours: 2.5 hours

Professionalism hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Patrick Poupore, Wallbridge Wallbridge


A Review of the Top Ten Civil Cases of the Last Year

Brian DeLorenzi, O’Neill DeLorenzi Mendes Nanne

ODSP Changes - One Year in

Brittany Gillingham, McKellar Structured Settlements

Compliance check-in: What litigators need to know about recent updates in the Rules of Professional Conduct

Brooke MacKenzie, MacKenzie Barristers P.C.)

Investigation of Slip, Trip and Fall Claims

Kathleen Denbeigh, 30 Forensic Engineering

Mechanics of a Class Action Suit

Ron Podolny, Rochon Genova LLP

View From the Bench: A wide ranging conversation with Mr. Justice Poupore

Justice John Poupore, Superior Court of Justice


Criminal Law

Sponsored by Cochrane Law Association and VanBridger Jenner LLP

Substantive hours: 1.75 hours

Professionalism hours: 1 hour

EDI hours: 0.25 hours

Chaired by: Michael Haraschuk, Weaver Simmons LLP


Update on Legal Issues Surrounding Sexual Offences

Kara Vakiparta, Assistant Crown Attorney

Danielle Robitaille, Henein Hutchison LLP

Gerald Chan, Stockwoods LLP

Mental Illness and Criminal Law – Prosecuting and Defending Persons with a Mental Disorder

Justice Michelle Fuerst, Superior Court of Justice

Dr. Julian Gojer, Forensic Psychiatrist

Susan Stothart, Director of Crown Operations for the Northeast

Erin Dann, Erin Dann Barrister

The Do’s and Don’ts of Jury Trial Advocacy

Justice Robert Maranger, Superior Court of Justice

Berk Keaney, Weaver Simmons LLP

Frank Addario, Addario Law Group LLP



Sponsored by Colloquium

Substantive hours: 2.5 hours

Professionalism hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Jo-Ann Barber, J.A. Barber Barrister and Solicitor


Wills and Estates Refresher: What You Need to Know About the Initial Meeting and Instructions

Mary-Alice Thompson, Cunningham Swan

Tips on Drafting/Update on New Developments in Wills & Estates Law

Ed Esposto, Aird & Berlis LLP

Finishing the File: What you need to Know about the Execution and Reporting Stages

Jordan Atin, Osgoode Hall Law School



Sponsored by Stockwoods

Substantive hours: 1 hour

Professionalism hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Robert Parsons, Crown Attorney


The Evidence of Similar Fact vs. Narrative

Justice John Paul Condon, Ontario Court of Justice

Robert Parsons, Crown Attorney

Michael Venturi, Weaver Simmons LLP

Evidence and Technology

Alan Gold, Alan D. Gold Professional Corporation

Michael Lacy, Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP

Andrea Gonsalves, Stockwoods LLP


Family Law

Sponsored by Colloquium

Substantive hours:2.5 hours

Professionalism hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Brooklyn Thorpe and Donna Dorrington, Dorrington & Associates


Year in Review – Top Cases in Family Law

Phil Epstein, Epstein Cole LLP

Changes in the Child and Youth Family Services Act – Voices of The Children

Katherine Kavassalis, Office of the Children's Lawyer

Recent Changes in Spousal Support

Sarah Young, McCarthy and Co.

Family Law Judicial Panel

Justice Michelle Rocheleau, Ontario Court of Justice


Indigenous Legal Issues

Sponsored by Colloquium

Substantive hours: 0 hours

Professionalism hours: 1 hour

EDI hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Justice Patricia Hennessy, Superior Court of Justice


Risk Assessment Tool for Indigenous Offenders : R. v. Ewert

Jessica Wolfe, Legal Aid Ontario

Andrew Menchynski, Morphew Symes Menchynski Barristers

The Advocates Society Guide to Indigenous Litigation

Jennifer Hall-Tremblay, Tremblay-Hall and Associates

Jessica Belisle, Tremblay-Hall and Associates

Chief Valerie Richer, Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation


Information and the Law

Sponsored by Colloquium

Substantive hours: 0.75 hours

Professionalism hours: 0.75 hours

Chaired by: Kristen Newman, Director of Legislative and Legal Services, Town of Lakeshore


15 Tips in 25 Minutes on Freedom of Information Requests

Adam Kosnick, City of Greater Sudbury

Privacy and Data Breachers

Paige Backman, Aird & Berlis LLP

Real Estate

Sponsored by Chicago Title

Substantive hours: 2.5 hours

Professionalism hours: 0.5 hours

Chaired by: Amanda Berloni, Berloni Law


New Rules in Real Estate (Title Insurance and Advertising)

Jerry Udell, Miller Canfield LLP

Planning Act Refresher: What You Need to Know About Section 50 of the Planning Act (Ontario)

Sidney Troister, Torkin Manes LLP

A Primer on Permits, Zoning and Legal Non-Conforming Use

Andre Guillot, City of Greater Sudbury

Guido Mazza, City of Greater Sudbury

Sherri Budgell, City of Greater Sudbury

Title Insurance in the North: What you Need to Know About Rural Properties and Caps on Coverage

Brenden Fagan, FCT


Technology in Practice

Sponsored by Orendorff & Associates

Substantive hours: 1.5 hours

Professionalism hours: 1.5 hours

Chaired by: Lisa Barazzutti, Barazzutti Strybos Law, and Marc Ducharme, McLeod Ducharme LLP


How to Implement your Practice on the Cloud; Going Paperless in your Law Practice; Use of Technology in the Court Room

Dave Carrier, Girones Lawyers

Jay Meunier, Girones Lawyers

Lisa Barazzutti, Barazzutti Strybos Law

Marc Ducharme, McLeod Ducharme LLP

Cybersecurity Issues; Maintaining Client Information; Security of Information; Best Practices

Ray Leclair, Law Pro


Young Lawyers Mentoring Session

Sponsored by The Advocate’s Society

Substantive hours:

Professionalism hours: 1.25 hours

Chaired by: James Ross, Orendorff  & Associates


Beth Symes, Symes, Street & Millard